At A Glance

Law number 12 year 2012 on Higher Education defined Dietitian Professional Program as post- undergraduate program that prepares students for jobs requiring specified skills. Law number 36 year 2014 stated that health professionals included in nutrition professionals are nutritionist and dietitian.


Dietitian Professional Program may be run by higher education institutions and is in partnership with Ministry of Health, other Ministries,  Non-departmental Goverment Institutions (LPMK), and/or profession organizations which are responsible for the service quality of the profession.  In higher education context of nutrition science and nutrition professional program, Dietitian Professional program is organized by Association of Indonesian Nutrition  Education Institutions  (AIPGI) and  Indonesian Nutritionists Association (PERSAGI).


Dietitian Professional Study Program of FMUB was established based on the decree of Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia number 407/KPT/1/2016. The process was initiated by the issuance of letter of recommendation for its establishment by Association of Indonesian Nutrition Education Institutions (Number. 054/AIPGI/VII/2016) and by Indonesian Nutritionists Association (Number 1089/DPP-PERSAGI/SEK/VIII/2016). These are the nationally recognized basis for the establishment of Dietitian Professional Program of FMUB. Together with various higher education institutions in Indonesia, Indonesian Nutrition Science Collegium (KIGI) in 2016 also mandated the establishment of a Dietitian Professional Program of Universitas Brawijaya.