Departement of Nutrition Science

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 2 March 2017 , by admin gizi


1.1. Organization Identity

Name                                : Nutrition Alumni Association or Ikatan Alumni Gizi (IKAZI)

Establishment date     : 10 August 2010

Position                           : Under the UB Alumni Association

1.2 Identity / Self-Reliance / Indistinguishability

 1.2.1 Vision

IKAZI UB is well-known as an organization that raises the dignity and role of the alumni as a motor of Indonesia’s nutrition development and a real supporter of UB as a respected world-class research university

1.2.2 Mission

  1. As a container that houses the alumni’s gathering and synergizing.
  2. As a motivator for the alumni so that they be creative and work for the sake and advancement of the alumni, alma mater, region, and Indonesia.
  3. As a communicator either laterally and vertically, that builds networking for the alumni and interest groups that have creations, ideas, and work plans
  4. As a facilitator that supports the alumni’s creations, ideas, and works to be successfully manifested in a real life and to provide benefits to the community