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Organisasi Mahasiswa Gizi Kesehatan (ORMAGIKA) or Health and Nutrition Students Association is a student organization that has an activity region in the field of nutritional practicesunder the UB School of Medicine College. ORMAGIKA was established on 5 March 2006 as a result of a Great Council held by the Nutrition Students of Medical Faculty of Brawijaya University (FKUB). The establishment of ORMAGIKA aims to support and facilitate nutrition students in developing skills and personalities both academically and non-academically to create nutritionists with good quality and professionalism.

Struktur Organisasi ORMAGIKA 2016



As a coordinating institution that establishes unification and development the Nutrition major of FKUB, as well as the implementation in society based on the Three Principles of Higher Education (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi) to increase the health level of society.


  1. Uniting the students of Nutrition Major of FKUB
  2. Carrying out various activities in order to improve the activeness and increase the knowledge and experience of students in the Department of Nutrition UB Medical Faculty in general and members of ORMAGIKA FKUB in particular
  3. Collecting and promoting Nutrition major students of FKUB
  4. Participating in efforts to improve the society health status, especially in the field of nutrition
  5. Actively participating in efforts to help overcome health issues in accordance with the scientific field and the ability of Nutrition major students of FKUB


“A great country is a country that respects history“. That is a proverb from another country, China. This also applies in an organisation; an organisation must have a history, origin, and establishment process. Therefore, in order that every organizational actor not to lose their historical part and to avoid different opinions and perceptions in regard to the history of the organisation, the history section needs to be written and has to be written by people who understood and witnessed the establishment process so that the revealed statements could be taken into account

History of the Establishment of ORMAGIKA

Starting from an invitation from University of Diponegoro in a context of national meeting for Indonesia’s nutritional health students which was attended by nutrition students from  UIEU (University Indonusa Esa Unggul Jakarta) as many as 2 students, students from UNDIP (as the host of the event), and students from Brawijaya University as many as 2 people: Anang Wahyudi as a representative of Nutrition B (Transfer Program) and Heri Susanto as a representative of Nutrition Science Regular Program who were both Nutrition students Year 2004. In this event, there was not any representative from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) as they could not attend it.

In that meeting dated 28 February 2005, there was a discussion to plan for an establishment of national nutrition S1 students association (which was later called ILMAGI-Ikatan Lembaga Mahasiswa Gizi Indonesia). One of the requirements to be a member of that national-level organization was that the Nutrition students should have an organization or special institution that provides organizational shelter for them from the Faculty level (in other words, already had a nutrition student community or organization from their own faculty in the university from which they were from). This is due to the policy that this organization (ILMAGI) does not bound memberships at the personal level but at the institutional level.

In that event, all of the attendants had already had the Nutrition Students Association in their university but those from Brawijaya University. This was because at that time PSIG-FKUB was just established and the department had their first batch of students from the regular Program (high school) in 2004 so the department had not yet had a Students Association for the students.

Hence, after the meeting, there was a desire to establish Nutrition Students Association in Brawijaya University. After returning to Malang, the two students began planning to form a preparation team for the establishment of the organization which was now called the formation team (tim formatur) consisting of Dwi Kartika Sari, Gemala Qurbani, Heri Susanto, and Nur Mufida Wulansari who were all Nutrition Students from the Regular Program Year 2004.

However, because of the regular program students (high school graduates) were still fairly newand had not had any experience in organizing and the limited of time and effort and busyness, as well as considering the study period of the student of Program B which was only 1.5 years, the plan was delayed until 1 semester. But in that time the students had held an event in the form oftestimonials / polls to the regular nutrition student class of 2004 on their opinion if they would have formed a student club at UB and the majority of nutrition major students agreed to form astudent club of PSIG-FKUB.

It was not until the formation team in the third semester could they work well. This was because there was already a class of 2005 that helped them. However, the team was still managed by the 2004 class since at that time they were the first batch which was already familiar with the environment in FKUB and they were the ones to know the foundation or the starting point of the organization’s set of plans. At that time, the steps being taken included:

    1. Collected information on how to set up a new organization (set) in FKUB. This included the process of sharing and discussion with Vice Dean III, chairman of the DPM as well as some institutions’ and departments’ chairmen who were considered to be knowledgeable in the field of institutional rule issues.
    2. Collected archives / data about things essential for an organization such as Organization Basic Guidelines or Statutes or Anggaran Dasar (AD) and Organization Technical Guidelines or Bylaws or Anggaran Rumah Tangga (ART). At that time, they got some help from the examples of AD/ART from colleagues in UNDIP and UGM, as well as UIEU. Meanwhile, from the FKUB they got a sample of AD/ART from HIMKAJAYA (UB Nursing Students Association), ILMIKI, ISMKII andsamples of establishment rules from BPO and LSO of BEM FKUB.
    3. Divided the formation team into 3 commissions and each commission was asked todesign their own drafts

The data collection took 1 semester on its own, starting from semester 3 until the mid-term of semester 4. After all the data had been collected, this formation team was divided again into 3 commissions (with each commission consisting of 5 to 7 students), they were:

  1. AD commission –> this commission was asked to prepare a draft design of AD
  2. ART commission –> this commission was asked to prepare a draft design of ART
  3. Commission for Recommendation and others –> this commission was asked to prepare adraft management structure and organizational tools needed for the organization

The team consisted of mostly a mixed class of 2004 and 2005. After preparing the draft design,each commission then gathered to discuss the results that have been made ​​in a forum calledCongress of Nutrition Student. And after they acquired the draft design, the drafts were then brought to MUBES (Great Council) Nutrition Student for agreed and defined results.

In fact, they had to hold the discussion forum 5 times before taking the drafts to MUBES. And at the end, the discussion forum resulted in the final draft of AD, ART, and recommendation.

Then, between 4 and 5 March 2006, MUBES for Health Nutrition Student was held. The event was attended by Nutrition Students from Class 2004 and 2005, Program B Students of Class 2004 and 2005. It was held in the POM Biomedic Room. In this event, dr. Sri Poeranto JS, SP.ParK, Mkes, who was the Vice Dean III FKUB, dr. Bambang Prijadi MS the Head of Health Nutrition Department, and Hanif Abdul Hamid the President of BEM FKUB at that time.

Finally, the Nutrition Students Association of Medical Faculty was officially founded, hereinafter abbreviated ORMAGIKA FKUB, on 4 to 5 March 2006 at the Health Nutrition Student’s MUBESattended by Nutrition students of Class 2004, 2005, program B Class of 2004 and 2005, in POMBiomedic Room.

The dynamics of institutional status of ORMAGIKA

From its inception, ORMAGIKA most of the Nutrition students have wanted this organization to be in the form of a group set (Himpunan). Even the core of the formation team: Nur Mufida, Gemala Qurbani, Dwi Kartikasari, and Heri Susanto who were all from the class of 2004 oftenargued each other to determine whether the form of organization should be an Association, LSOor Lembaga Semi Otonom (Semi-Autonomous Institution) or BPO or Badan Pelengkap Organisasi (Supplementary Board Organization). However, from the results of the analysis andinvestigation conducted by the formation team, it was recommended that the initial phase wouldbe better if the organization was established as a BPO in that initial stage, as:

  1. An organization in the form of BPO means that there will be assistance or direction from an institution designated by the BEM (Student Council). Because they felt that Nutrition was still a new major, consisting of a new generation, there was not enough experience so that the organizational form of BPO was considered to be appropriate for them at that time. However, they also had a plan in the upcoming years for the status would change to be a Himpunan when they are ready.
  2. Until the time of this writing (20 October 2008) they have proposed an institutional status change to the status of BPO for ORMAGIKA to be a Himpunan shaded in a set ofspecialized department of BEM and DPM, but until now there has been no decision made.
  3. Based on 2007 MUMF, it was decided that the process of forming a new organization toBK, LSO or BPO will be regulated in an Act.

However there are things / principles that need to be understood in regard to the establishmentof this ORMAGIKA, related to its institutional status, which should be based on to the principle of upholding the concepts and principles of collegiums as well as a principle of unitingNutrition students. Therefore we want to process the status of establishment and issues ofORMAGIKA are appropriate and aligned with the expectations of the college itself by promotingthe aspirations / desires of the nutrition students themselves.

Thus, the initiation of institutional status change ORMAGIKA was begun. ORMAGIKA has become a specialized department or Badan Khusus (BK) since 2008 through the collection ofeither the aspiration or voice from its own internal nutrition students or from the FKUB collegiums. And at the end of the organization management period of 2008, precisely when MUMF was held, ORMAGIKA has officially become a Badan Khusus (BK) which has a coordination relationship with the BEM.


The people who have experiencedbeing the chairman of ORMAGIKA:

  1. Dwi Kartika Sari                              (Class of 2004)         –  2005 – 2006period
  2. Heri Susanto                                    (Class of 2004)         –2006 – 2007 period
  3. Rochmatul Rizqiyah                       (Class of 2005)         –2007 – 2008 period
  4. Alfan Bakhtiarsyah                         (Class of 2006)         –2009 – 2010 period
  5. Maya Faroka                                    (Class of 2007)         –2010period
  6. Hanif Alamudin Manshur             (Class of 2008)         –2011period
  7. Urfi Yuniar Risqina                        (Class of 2009)          –2012period
  8. Nila Reswari Haryana                   (Class of 2010)           –2013period
  9. Kartika Yuliani                                (Class of 2011)           –2014period
  10. Apriliawan H                                   (Class of 2012)          – 2015 period
  11. Fajar Abdillah                                  (Class of 2013)          -  2016 – 2017
  12. Novilia Anindya Permata              (Class of 2014 )         – 2017 -