School of Nutrition Science is under the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya, that is located on Jl. Veteran Malang. The school was initiated with the proposal for establishment of Undergraduate study (S1) of Nutrition Science, which was fully supported by Indonesian Nutritionist Association (PERSAGI), Agency for Development and Empowerment of Health Professionals (BPPSDM) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health and the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Tropical Medicine (SEAMEO TROPMED), all of whom envisioned the significance of S1 (Undergraduate) program of Nutrition Science.

Ever increasing demand of professional nutritionists equipped with strong skills and basic science of nutrition, along with supports from PERSAGI stipulated on the PERSAGI’s recommendation letter no. 059/DPP/Sekr/III/2002, BPPSDM, Ministry of Health No. HK., the proposal of establishing the study program of Nutrition Science at FMUB was submitted to DIKTI (the Directorate of Higher Education) on 22 January 2003. On 27 February 2004, on the basis of the Decree of the Minister of National Education, Director General of Higher Education No. 1031 / J / T / 2004, the Nutrition S1/Undergraduate Study Program is officially declared a part of the Faculty of Medicine in Universitas Brawijaya and is the first Nutrition S1/Undergraduate Study Program recorded at the Directorate General of Higher Education-Ministry of National Education

The program has been accredited with a B rating based on the Decree of the National Higher Education Accreditation Board (BAN-PT) No. 002 / BAN-PT / Ak-XII / S1 / IV / 2009. The validity period of the accreditation is from April 2, 2009 and has been extended until December 7, 2019

The Study Program then became School of Nutrition Science based on the Rector’s Decree concerning the establishment of the School of Nutrition, the School of Nursing Science and the School of Medicine  No. 224 / SK / 2007 dated June 6, 2007. Currently the School of Nutrition Science has 2 study programs, namely the Study program of Nutrition and the Dietitian Professional Program.
Dietitian Professional Program is the first Nutrition Professional Education Study Program in Indonesia which is recognized by the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education based on Decree No. 407 / KPT / I / 2016. This program immediately admitted new students in the 2017/18 academic year.

Nutrition Bachelor Competencies refer to the Core Competencies that have been nationally and internationally determined as the Competency Standards for Undergraduate Nutrition graduates by :

  1. Committee Accreditation Dietitian Education (CADE), 2002
  2. Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No. 374 / Menkes / SK / III / 2007 concerning Professional Standards of Nutritionist
  3. Results of the 1st National Conference of the Association of Indonesian Nutrition Education Institutions (AIPGI), in Malang 19-24 August 2004

The competencies are not only structured to refer to the guidelines or applicable laws and regulations, but also set to achieve the objectives, the implementation of the mission and the realization of the vision. The main competencies (Core Competencies) of the Undergraduate of Nutrition Science (S.Gz) graduates consist of 46 competencies. The competency formulation is stated in full and clearly in the Graduate Competence document, where the competencies consist of:

  1. Basic Competencies (9 Competency Components)
  2. Competencies emphasized on Clinical Nutrition / Dietetics (13 Competency Components)
  3. Competency emphasized on Social Nutrition / Social Nutrition Management (11 Competency Components)
  4. Nutrition emphasized on Institutional Nutrition / Food Service System Management (15 Components of Competencies).