Intenal dan External Audit Result

To ensure the compliance with the established quality standard of implementations, Quality Assurance Center will periodically conduct Quality Internal Audit to all Majors / Study programs twice a year. The Audit conducted includes the System Audit that audits the adequacy of the organization’s policies and procedures towards the quality standards and Compliance Audit to check the compliance / implementation of the defined quality standards.

The result of the feedback from the quality internal audits will be followed up in an overview management of the study Program will be used as the basis for the improvement of the overall quality of the study program. The results of feedback and follow-up are supported by complete documentations.

In regard to the quality of the learning process in addition to the establishment of Nutrition Education Unit (NEU) the Teaching and Learning Coordinator is     also formed which monitors the implementation of procedures manual and work instructions related to the learning process and conduct evaluation on PBM periodically. Studies Program has also formed groups of lecturers that are based on the field of science such as Clinical Nutrition, Community Nutrition, and Food Service Management (FSM), which will monitor the suitability of topics with the competence achievement.

Periodically, the scientific groups will provide input at the beginning of the lecture on the topic to each course, syllabi, and quality of examinations at the education field that supervises the curriculum coordinators (NEU) and PBM. The results of the internal audit report and scientific lecturer group report.