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Written on 2 August 2016 , by admin gizi

Quality assurance system is a system established to enforce standards of a process including the education process. At the university level it is called the Quality Assurance Centre or Pusat jaminan Mutu (PJM) and at the level or department / study Program it is called Quality Assurance Unit or Unit Jaminan Mutu or (UJM).

The UJM team shall help Representative Management in conducting quality assurance from the established quality standard which covers: (1) Vision , Mission, Aim, and Target; (2) Governance, Leadership, Management System and Quality Assurance; (3) Student Services and Graduates; (4) Human Resources; (5) Curriculum, Learning and Academic Atmosphere; (6) Finance, Infrastructures, Facilities, and Information System; (7) Research, Community Services, and Cooperation.

Periodically, Quality Assurance Centre conducts Internal Quality Audits to all Majors/Study Programs twice a year. The auditing activities conducted consist of System Audit which is an audit of the adequacy of policies and organizational procedures towards the quality standard and Compliance Audit to check the compliance level towards the established quality standard. At the end of the visitation there will be some feedback and corrective actions coordinated by MR with some help from the UJM team. The findings will then be informed and an improvement plan will be arranged together with all the lecturers and academic staff at the department meeting.

In order to keep maintaining the learning process quality, a coordinator for Teaching and Learning Process or Proses Belajar Mengajar (PBM) is then formed. The task is to monitor the implementation of procedures manual related to the teaching and learning process and conduct a periodical evaluation towards PBM. The Study Program has also formed groups of lecturers according to the fields of science they have that cover Clinical Nutrition Field, Community Nutrition, and Food Service Management (FSM). Periodically, the scientific groups will provide input at the beginning of the semester in regards to the topic of each course, syllabus, and test quality to the education department that supervises the Coordinator of Curriculum and PBM. The results of the Internal Audit Reports on the Quality of Study Program and Lecturer Scientific Group Reports in regards to the input for the course topics, syllabi, and test quality can be seen in the supporting document coded 00803 08006.