Departement of Nutrition Science

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 2 August 2015 , by admin gizi

A form is a quality document that is specifically designed to contain certain information, in this case the information that is relevant to the quality of higher education held within UB. The Department Accreditation Form serves to evaluate the Department Activities Planning which is conducted by Department or Unit Coordinator. In educational services, at the end of each semester, the forms are circulated in regard to the student satisfaction towards the educational services including the teaching and learning process in Nutrition Science. The assessment results on the core and supporting services are completed at the appropriate phase during the realization process and are manifested in the department performance form or report. Besides, Nutrition Science Form is used to measure and monitor the performance and process effectiveness used to manage and deliver services.

The forms included in the Nutrition Department are:

  1. Document Distribution List Form
  2. Revised Document List Form
  3. Quality Record List Form
  4. Incompatibility List Form
  5. Corrective and Preventive Action Clarification Form


Quality Internal Audit of Brawijaya University

Download Nutrition Department Form

  1. Form List of PSIG_Cycle 9_2011_Findings
  2. Form List of PSIG_Cycle 10_2012_Findings
  3. Form List of PSIG Department_Cycle 11Findings
  4. Form List of PSIG_Cycle 12_Jan2014_Findings
  5. Incompatibility Form List AIM UKPA Cycle 11
  6. Form List of ISO_ISO3RD_Jan2014 Findings