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This quality manual is a guide to the implementation of Nutrition Department-FKUB quality management and a quality management system requirement which has to be fulfilled by the Nutrition Department Academic Implementation Working Unit

This quality manual is structured with reference to the standard and clausal requirements of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, implementation guidelines for educational services IWA2:2007, the Indonesian government regulations and accreditation requirements from BAN-PT as well as Medical Faculty and Brawijaya University Quality Manuals.

The scope of the quality manual of Nutrition Department includes general policy that consists of the Vision, Mission, and Aims of PS, Quality Policies, and Quality Target; Organizational Structure and Main Tasks and Functions; and Study Program Profile. While the scope of the Quality Management System or Sistem Manajemen Mutu (SMM) from this Nutrition Department is the implementation of the Education, Research, and Community Service activities which aims to establish Human Resources in the field of Health Nutrition.

This Quality Manuals aim to:

  1. Outline the main process which is directly and indirectly associated to the educational services in Nutrition Department, either in planning, implementing, evaluating, or correcting actions to ensure continuous improvement in meeting the customer requirements.
  2. Explain the relationship between various activities involved in the above process
  3. Explain the relationship between Quality Assurance System or Sistem Penjaminan Mutu (SPM) with the requirements mentioned in ISO 9001:2008
  4. Reflect the commitment of the Nutrition Department in continuous quality improvement in the written form, so it can be understood by all parties involved in the education, research, and community service processes

Quality Manuals is a document that serves as a guide in the implementation of quality management

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